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Libyan Saraya Construction Company
Libyan Saraya is committed and dedicated to providing high-quality production in all of our construction endeavours throughout Libya. We are highly dedicated to meeting our client's needs in any way we can and, our successful history is proof of what we have to offer.

Project of 320 units and its general facilities
21 Nov 2008

Owner: Edkhar Bank
Project Manager: Yader Melod Yousef
Project Preview: the project located on the Airport Road at the Ex-Libyan Arab Airline club in Tripoli city which contains 12 towers in 2 samples, with 8 floors.more

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Paving & Repairing Roads
Maintenance and Reconstruction of Aljalaa Road
05 Oct 2009

Maintenance and Reconstruction of Aljalaa Road From Maetia’a’ Airport Square up to Abuseetta Sport Field.
Start Date: 21-06-2009
Date of Completion: 24-08-2009
Percentage of completion: 100%more

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Project Design
Design and the construction of 2000 units building in Tripoli
21 Nov 2008

Owners: Authority of Projects and Accommodation
Contractual Date: 2007/9/25
Project Preview: Designing and Implementing 2000 living units including general facilities, hospital and schools.more

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